Dear metalheads, after very long listening sessions, we’ve finally picked the top 50 songs out and we can tell you that THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.5 will be one of the best compilation we made. We received more than 600 songs from all over the world, so it was very hard to chose the best songs… Thank you to all the bands for sending us their songs! Don’t be sad if you didn’t make it now, try again for the next darkTunes compilation.

We are very proud to announce the final tracklist of this massive compilation, such as the start of the digital preorder. Get THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.5 for a low preorder price and get 8 songs as instant gratification download before the release dat (January 12th. 2018) here:


And the winners are...

Aemera, Auger, Ben Blutzukker, Beyond Remains, Boars, Breed Machine, Citizen Of The Void, Clouds Over Antwerpen, Confession by Silence, Crayven, Dark Side Eons, Devil-M, DJversion666, Drak'Maar, Dust In Mind, Eisenwut, Fourth Circle, Incordia, Jaïl, Led By Vajra, Logical Terror, Machines on Blast, Moonlight Asylum, Moresk, No Joke, Nova Spei, Poison Garden, Psycholies, Rescue Rapunzel, Richtwerk, Saddolls, Sickret, Smash Hit Combo, Sober Truth, Stagnant Project , Steingrab, Stoneman, Swarmageddon, The Aquarius, The Autist, The Black Capes, The Black Russian's, The Wiggar Overdose, Venues, Vermouth, Waldmeister, Way Of Changes, White Butchery, Your Pride, Yuzna.

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