SYNTHATTACK - Salvation in Hell

Hell is going to be the new electro temple!

On their new EP ’Salvation in Hell’, SYNTHATTACK deliver brutal, danceable dark electro to the clubs of this world. Pumping bass meets harsh, clean vocals and trancy synth-lines. This new EP shows a new side of the band because of the wonderful clean vocals of the keyboarder Nicole. Her voice is the perfect complement to make this dark club sound unique!

With a post-apocalyptic mix of dark electro, industrial and trance, SYNTHATTACK bring a fresh wind in the dark electro scene.

The EP is made of 5 track, 2 new new track such as 3 great remixes from ES23, GRENDEL and INTENT:OUTTAKE!

Last but not least, a wonderful lyrics video accompanies this new release! Watch it now and rest in piece in hell:

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