SICKRET - Trapped Behind Golden Bars

The nu single and lyrics video taken from the upcoming album are OUT NOW! We're proud to present the powerful song "So Sick"!

“Talk is silver, silence is golden”, SICKRET does exactly the opposite, because the new album comes with raised middle fingers and bangs a record in the hypocritical-gossip-bullshits face, which instead of senseless talking brings the dark side of life to the point. The aversion against all this superficial bullshit drips from each of the eleven tracks on the album. Songs like "Pressure" and "Home" appeal to the rebel in you, who wants to break out and turn your world upside down.

We are very proud to present the new single and music video "Pressure" of this incredible upcoming album!

Enjoy the video and don't forget to preorder the album as limited digipack or download. By the way, if you preorder the album on bandcamp, amazon or iTunes, you will get the songs "So Sick" and "Pressure" as instant gratification track, just click here:


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