The darkest compilation is entering the next round! Once again, the darkness is about to crawl into your speakers, bringing the beauty of dark music of all genres directly to your ears! This time we’ve got almost 400 entries! Thank you to all the bands for sending us your songs. It was really hard to pick up the best tracks!

GOTHIC MUSIC ORGY, Vol.6, that means a fine selection of 66 Tracks of everything that the world of gothic music has to offer: 5 hours of harsh electronic beats, awesome dark rock riffs or melancholy darkpop, the compilation is packed with the whole repertoire! From batcave to Neue Deutsche Härte, from dark electro to future pop and from gothic metal to darkwave. Discover rare and exclusive tracks from amazing gothic artists, from newcomers to darkstars: GOTHIC MUSIC ORGY, Vol.6 will be released on August 21st as download & stream.

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Congratulations to following bands which made it on the compilation:

13 Pagan Holiday 13 + 13th Angel + Aevum + Aftereffect + Antibody + Apryl + Asgalun + ASHES'N'ANDROID + Auger + Baron Noir + Basszilla + Binari Division + Blackbook + Bysmarque & Snowwhyte + CattaC + CIMA MUTA + Code Red Core + COLDSTAR + Dai Komio + Dance My Darling + Dark Side Eons + Darkcell + Death Signal + DEVIL69 + DIVERJE + DJVersion666 + DoppelgängeR + Dust In Mind + Eigenraum + Electro Fear + Extize + Fourth Circle + Freak Injection + G.L.O.W + HER DESPAIR + La bande-son imaginaire + Luis O + Millennia Sirius + MissSuicide + Moonlight Asylum + OBSCENE + Omnimar + Psycho Circus + Quarto Verso + STAHLSCHLAG + Sterility + Stoneman + Subliminal Code + Sündenrausch + Suppressor + SynthAttack + Systemson + T3rr0r 3rr0r + TERMINATRYX + The Black Capes + The Darkstar Calling + The Silverblack + Third Realm + Toal + Toxikk Deception + Tunz Tunz + U-Manoyed + Uncarnate + Vdevil + Waijdan + Xordia


DJVERSION666 is back with a new single!

Enjoy his new industrial rock tune with EBM and synthwave influences! "Dance Of The Profane" is availabel as single with a great remix of Exemia here

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AMORE AD LUNAM - A Broken Melody

🌕Amore Ad Lunam - A Broken Melody🔥

Our native American goth rocker is back with a wonderful new single & video named "A Broken Melody" featuring Erik Molarin from the cult band DARK. Enjoy this new gothrock hymn which goes directly under the skin!

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Mystical darkwave soul made in Germany!

Ladies & gentlemen, we're proud to present you the new single "Magic" taken from the upcoming TOAL album "Ritus Ex Silenti" which will be released on September 18th. 2020

Let the mystic fairytale begin! You can preorder the new album as digipak or download, and you will get the single as instant gratification track:

TOAL - RITUS EX SILENTI (September 18th. 2020)

Dark synth soundscapes caress her body, pumping basses break the silence, the deep beat of the night accompanies her every step. The heartbeat of longed-for liberation throbs in her chest, waiting to break the chains of emotional captivity. Luzi Lacole’s (keyboarder of @synthattack) fiery voice ignites the longing for a common path, a new beginning, a campaign against mechanized petrifactions.

TOAL's multi-faceted style can be classified into three differing genres. A mystical-spherical NewAge ambient mix meets dark post-apocalyptic end-time industrial. Varying TOAL refine their sound landscape partially with Dark Electro, Dubstep and Witchhouse influences. The musical origins of the individual band members allow the listener enormous scope for their own interpretations due to their individuality. In short, the songs deal with the reality of the soul, with the longing for being alive, for truth and for hope.

The debut-album « Ritus Ex Silenti » is going to be released as limited 4-sided digipak with 17 songs, inclusive great remixes from L'ÂME IMMORTELLE, SITD, ES23, Thomas Winter (CHROM), MENTAL EXILE, HZWEIG and a featuring with SYNTHATTACK. A real highlight for the ears, eyes and heart!

PS: Don't miss TOAL on Germany tour with L'ÂME IMMORTELLE:

SYNTHATTACK - Harsh Will Never Die


Enter the club and be part of the furious mob of party people filled with pure adrenaline and fed by the bass and the bawling synthesizers. SynthAttack is back with a new aggrotech secret weapon named "Harsh Is Back".

This 5 track EP includes 2 brand new tracks and the 3 winning remixes of the contest by the bands REACTOR7X, NOISE RESISTANCE and DEVICE NOIZE.

Turn the volume up and enjoy the new hymn of the dark music temples!


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