Dear electro industrial fans, here comes a 10 years old album that has never been released before!

PZYTECHZ was a German-French electro-industrial noise project which has been created in 2009. The keyboarder was nobody less than the frontman (Cyb3rella) of the band EXTIZE. PZYTECHZ played a lot of shows in Europe with bands like COVENANT, X-RX, AH CAMA-SOTZ, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, KLANGSTABIL, OBZÖN GESCHÖPF and more… But they never released their album!

We were lucky and we found the tracks again, so we decided to remaster them and to finally publish this great album 10 years after its creation! So if you like bands like XOTOX, TERRORFAKT, MANUFACTURA, WUMPSCUT, SHNARPH, FABRIK C, NOISUF-X, X-RX or SOMAN, we strongly advise to have a listen to « KeimZeit »!

Enjoy! Song tipps: Welcome to Hell, Alert.

Listen to this album here ► http://smarturl.it/Pzytechz


Ladies & gentlemen, the DARKCELL freaks are back in town with their new album "Darkcell" and new video "Burn the Witches"!

Australia’s kings of all things dark and creepy, DARKCELL are gearing up for a huge 2019. The 11 tracks new album "Darkcell" includes featurings with by Tim Skold (MARILYN MANSON, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE), KIDCRUSHER and Lindsay Schoolcraft (CRADLE OF FILTH). The striking artwork was created by David Frizell (SEVENDUST, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, WEDNESDAY 13, etc.)

DARKCELL have risen to become Australia’s foremost heavy rock acts. The bands musical output is legendary, releasing three full length albums, an EP and a remix album in last 7 years. Visually and musically DARKCELL have proven themselves as a world class outfit. Packing stadium level hooks and a loud, abrasive and industrial rock sound, they have been tagged as a ‘modern day KISS’.

Their larger than life stage show, party vibes and dance grooves give a fun atmosphere and keep fans coming back for more and have led to the bands touring schedule including events such as, National tours in Australia with MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, WEDNESDAY 13, SEVENDUST, OTEP, ROB ZOMBIE, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, KORN, GREEN DAY, COMBICHRIST, ILL NINO, PAIN and more.

The freaks are back in town. The circus has returned….HAIL!

PS: DARKCELL are coming to Europe, they will play at the WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2019 in Germany such as several dates in UK (some with CHRISTIAN DEATH)



Dear female fronted metal fans, darkTunes is very proud to announce the signing of this kick-ass band from Russia! FALLCIE joined the darkTunes Music Group family!

FALLCIE was formed in 2017 after a female singer joined NU-NATION band. As NU-NATION the band toured a lot all across Europe (6 European and 1 Russian tour), released 3 full-length albums, shared the stage with SOULFLY, EKTOMORPH, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, etc. The band changes name to FALLCIE and releases ‘Rock’n’Rolla’ single as a music video. In autumn 2017 FALLCIE spend a month touring all across Europe getting all-positive feedback from NU-NATION fans as well as from new audience.

During the first year of activity the band changed 2 singers, and in summer 2018 a full-time member was finally found - Valentina Lavrinenko joined the band. FALLCIE record a long play album and book the shows for the fall of 2018. A debut album ‘Born Again’ was released on October, 7th 2018, after that the band made almost a 2-months tour, played all across Europe, from Portugal to Russia.

Say welcome to FALLCIE and get their latest album "Born Again" now:


SYNTHATTACK - JOIN US (May 24th. 2019)

In a world full of bright colours, bad music and boredom where popstars in TV are casted and ghost producers produce whole albums… where greed overcomes passion and everyone is always tired… In this world there is someones who breaks the chains and brings back powerful dark electro sound! Ladies and gentlemen, folks and freaks – welcome in the world of SYNTHATTACK!

With their new harsh electro album SYNTHATTACK cross the borders once again and force the fusing of industrial and electro elements. „Join Us“ is an explosive cocktail of catchy break-downs, heavy beats and hypnotic melodies pulling the listener in the glimpse of an eye down tot he dancefloor. The band chases its audience through an emotional roller coaster and entertains with surprising turns in the right moment.

This way, „Join Us“ does not only convince with extremely strong songs just like the title track or the club hymn „Enjoy The Pain“ that will soon be underlined with a visually stunning video. The new album of SYNTHATTACK also teases with a top-class remix line up: AGONOIZE, CENTHRON, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, ES23, GRENDEL, CYGNOSIC and NACHTMAHR work hand in hand together to present the tracks of SYNTHATTACK in their very own interpretation. Contrasting to the harsh vocals of Martin, Nicis clean vocals will be presented in two songs on „Join Us“.

Rarely that versatile and that straight and clear-minded in the same moment, SYNTHATTACK present theirself as a confident, energetic band hitting the nerves of a whole generation: the dark electro band charms with fat beats, cutting synths and intensive vocal parts and creates an unique soundtrack that will fill a bunch of clubs with their impressive sound this year. Intensive, strong and without compromises, the electro musicians feature their powerful mix and invite the listener into their very own world: „Join Us“!


✔ 1x limited digipak (6 sided digipak with 8 pages booklet limited to 500 units worldwide!)

✔ 1x limited digipak (6 sided digipak with 8 pages booklet limited to 500 units worldwide!)

✔ 1x collector hoodie (exclusively available in this bundle)

Get it now exclusively on DARKMERCH:


🇩🇪DEUTSCH🇩🇪 (English below)

NDH Fans aufgepasst, das Debütalbum & video von APRYL sind da!

Nach christlichen Normen von seiner Mutter bibelfest erzogen, brachte der vierte Monat plötzlich eine ungewöhnliche Idee hervor. Irgendetwas in ihm wollte wohl die längst fällige Revolution. Die bisherige musikalische Heimat wurde nach anfangs starkem Zögern und Zweifeln verlassen, schien zu versöhnlich und wohlwollend zu sein und somit völlig unpassend als Lebensumgebung für jahrelang angestaute Wut und überbordenden Frust. APRYL ist anders. Schwärzer als Schwarz und riecht stark nach Metall !

Jetzt ist die Zeit gekommen, seine finstere Seite zu zeigen. Die Menschen sollen an seinen dunklen Gedanken Anteil haben und ihn auf seiner Reise ins schaurige Abenteuerland begleiten. Du fragst dich, wohin es geht? Wer weiß das schon. Denn APRYL tut was er will!

Man kann es in seinen Augen sehen. Die Angst ist gewichen und die Zeit gekommen, Unschönes erbarmungslos und mit tiefer Stimme beim Namen zu nennen. So tritt nun APRYL ein in die unheiligen Hallen. In die Walhall des deutschen Ungetüms wo schon die Ahnen EISBRECHER, RAMMSTEIN, STAHLMANN, OOMPH, ASP, LETZTE INSTANZ und UNHEILIG eiserne Rythmen und mehrschlägige Wortmeldungen in das metallene Marmor meiselten.

Mit seinen finsteren Gesellen macht er nun die deutschen Erblande unsicher. Doch keine Angst. Der Sound ist zwar finster doch er ist ein Diener des Lichts. Und doch ist da diese große Lust, in des Todes schwarze Augen zu blicken und ihrer Faszination zu verfallen. Oder ist es nur die eine große Sehnsucht nach dem einen Herzensfrieden den wir alle herbeisehnen? So ruhet alle in Frieden liebe gequälte, den dunklen Gedanken zugeneigte Seelen, denn 2019 ist das Jahr der APRYLOKRATIE.

Kollektor Bundle und lim. Digipak (nur 500 stk weltweit) jetzt sichern:



Ladies and gentlemen, dear fans of NDH music, we are proud to present you our the debut album of APRYL from Austria! If you like RAMMSTEIN, EISBRECHER, OOMPH, SCHATTEMANN, LINDEMANN, STAHLMANN, MERGAHERZ, ASP, LETZTE INSTANZ and co., you must listen to "Aprylokratie"!

Enough words, let the video and music speak! Enjoy!

Get your very limited digipak (500 units worldwide) and collector bundles, or download or stream this great album now:

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