Again, time has come for pure emotion from Russia! With their new EP “Humans” OMNIMAR provide the next masterpiece!

Emotional as we know them, the russian musicians are providing us with goosebumps: More electronic and darker than ever before, OMNIMAR successfully handle the balancing act of musical progress and preservation of their unique and typical sound, that in the past already enchanted their fans. So whoever doesn’t want to miss the next chapter in the success-story of OMNIMAR, should definitely be ready for the new EP and video “Humans”!

PS: OMNIMAR will be live at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2019, Autumn Moon Festival 2019 and Schattenwelt Festival V 2019, don't miss them!

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In a world full of bright colours, bad music and boredom where popstars in TV are casted and ghost producers produce whole albums… where greed overcomes passion and everyone is always tired… In this world there is someones who breaks the chains and brings back powerful dark electro sound! Ladies and gentlemen, folks and freaks – welcome in the world of SYNTHATTACK!

With their new harsh electro album SYNTHATTACK cross the borders once again and force the fusing of industrial and electro elements. „Join Us“ is an explosive cocktail of catchy break-downs, heavy beats and hypnotic melodies pulling the listener in the glimpse of an eye down tot he dancefloor. The band chases its audience through an emotional roller coaster and entertains with surprising turns in the right moment.

This way, „Join Us“ does not only convince with extremely strong songs just like the title track or the club hymn „Enjoy The Pain“ that will soon be underlined with a visually stunning video. The new album of SYNTHATTACK also teases with a top-class remix line up: AGONOIZE, CENTHRON, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, ES23, GRENDEL, CYGNOSIC and NACHTMAHR work hand in hand together to present the tracks of SYNTHATTACK in their very own interpretation. Contrasting to the harsh vocals of Martin, Nicis clean vocals will be presented in two songs on „Join Us“.

Rarely that versatile and that straight and clear-minded in the same moment, SYNTHATTACK present theirself as a confident, energetic band hitting the nerves of a whole generation: the dark electro band charms with fat beats, cutting synths and intensive vocal parts and creates an unique soundtrack that will fill a bunch of clubs with their impressive sound this year. Intensive, strong and without compromises, the electro musicians feature their powerful mix and invite the listener into their very own world: „Join Us“!


✔ 1x limited digipak (6 sided digipak with 8 pages booklet limited to 500 units worldwide!)

✔ 1x limited digipak (6 sided digipak with 8 pages booklet limited to 500 units worldwide!)

✔ 1x collector hoodie (exclusively available in this bundle)

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Dear metalheads, after very long listening sessions, we’ve finally picked the top 50 songs out! We received more than 500 songs from all over the world, so it was very hard to choose the best songs… Thank you to all the bands for sending us their songs! Don’t be sad if you didn’t make it now, try again for the next darkTunes compilation.

And the winners are…

A Journey Within + Abnormal End + Amore Ad Lunam + Apryl + Auger + Blut + Boars + Breed Machine + Cernunnos + Chabtan + Crayven + Crusher + Darkcell + Dawn of Eternity + Don't Drop The Sword + Dunkelnacht + Dust In Mind + Eigenraum + Fall Of Death + Fallcie + Fourth Circle + Gaslarm + Incordia + IndreamS + Jaïl + Kryos + Latex + Logical Terror + Memories Of A Dead Man + Moonlight Asylum + No Joke + Red Masquerade + Rescue Rapunzel + Richtwerk + Samarah + Sickret + Smash Hit Combo + Sober Truth + St Zion + Stoneman + Sun Of Dead + The Autist + The Black Capes + The Black Russian's + The Silverblack + Three Nil Three + Traitor feat. Gus Drax (Suicidal Angels, Sunburst) + Tunz Tunz + Way Of Changes + Wulfpäck

Congratulations to these 50 kick-ass metal bands! Let’s bang our heads on June 14th. 2019 with THE BATTLE OF METAL VOL.6

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Photo by / Model: Leo Dowidat



We are very proud to present you the first single "Find My Own Way Out" taken from the upcoming AUGER album "From Now On I"! 

‘From Now On I’ will be released on June 21st. 2019) and is the much anticipated second album from the hyper-melodic, dynamic, dark rock duo AUGER. The twelve epic tracks that form ‘From Now On I’ tell deeply emotional tales of the great human experience and its resulting feelings of promise and distrust, of hopes and fears, of bullying suffered and strength ultimately gained. AUGER are immensely proud to present this album, which has been both a joy and cathartic to create.

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Ladies & gentlemen, we are proud to present you the new video & single "Alone Forever" from our native American gothic rockers Amore Ad Lunam! Turn the volume up and enjoy the show!

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