"Forever" is a wonderful travel through the essence of life and the nature. OMNIMAR take us by the hand to plunge with us into a wonderful world full of the small details that we forget in our everyday lifes...

It's now the time for you to take a break, to escape from the grey city and to take a fresh breath with this very sensitive video and song: put your headphones on and enjoy this journey!

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SICKRET - Trapped Behind Golden Bars


The Swiss Nu-Metal sensation is back with the new album "Trapped Behind Golden Bars". “Talk is silver, silence is golden”, SICKRET does exactly the opposite, because the new album comes with raised middle fingers and bangs a record in the hypocritical-gossip-bullshits face, which instead of senseless talking brings the dark side of life to the point. The aversion against all this superficial bullshit drips from each of the eleven tracks on the album. Songs like "Pressure" and "Home" appeal to the rebel in you, who wants to break out and turn your world upside down.

SICKRET brings the 90s Nu Metal to 2018. Their sound is a different mix of KORN, LIMP BIZKIT and the DEFTONES with influences of modern music. Nu Metal is alive - SICKRET shows this perfectly with their varied songwriting on “Trapped Behind Golden Bars”.

Since 2010 SICKRET stands for brutal guitars, aggressive raps and groovy drums. The quartet from Sursee(CH) has generated an enthusiastic fan base by playing 130 shows all around the globe and shared the stage with bands like SICK OF IT ALL, PRO PAIN, SKINDRED, BREAKDOWN OF SANITY, JINJER, DOG EAT DOG, CRAZY TOWN, CLAWFINGER, JONATHAN DAVIS (KORN) and many more.

SICKRET returns with an uncompromising album and is ready to put their new masterpiece at the top of the international nu-metal scene. SICKRET does not just present a new album, they create a completely new world that make you think about what is going on here and directly sticks its finger into the wound of many delicate topics.

We are although very proud to present the new music video "Home" taken from this incredible album!

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Hellcome to THE SILVERBLACK from Italy

We are very pleased to announce that darkTunes will release the next album of this kickass industrial-electro-metal band!

You can already preorder the upcoming album RAIN ON A WEDDING DAY now as CD or download here:

And be ready for awesome music videos... But meanwhile you can read more about THE SILVERBLACK HERE

DUST IN MIND - This is the End

Ladies & gentlemen, THIS IS THE END!

We are very proud to unleash the long awaited new single and video clip of DUST IN MIND. This new song is taken from the upcoming album "From Ashes To Flames" which will be released next month on October 19th.

"This is the End" is not only a powerful metal hymn, it's a strong message dedicated to all the humans who don't care about mother nature. But enough words, just hit the play button and let the music and video speak!

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After several years of shooting, we are proud to present you this new video clip of SMASH HIT COMBO which is a homage to the famous video game THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. This is one of the most beautiful video clip that we’ve released at darkTunes, so enjoy this masterpiece and share it please.

The song « Falls Appart » is taken from the actual double album « L33T », you can get it here as CD, dowload or stream:

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