Genre Electro Industrial
Country Germany
Since 2016


If the DNA of Type O Negative had been crossed with the sound of Depeche Mode and bands like Skinny Puppy or Covenant, the CATTAC sound would surely be their random end product.

CATTAC's music was born out of love for the dark electronic sounds of the late '90s, gothic inspired moods and a preference for dark rock music.

Why should one exclude one from the other if it can be wonderfully united? This is exactly where CATTAC comes in, cleverly bringing together the different styles of darker music without setting any boundaries.

The two band members have each performed countless appearances in recent years and in various bands and have both been active in the music business for over 20 years. You can also benefit from the experience of many live performances in various bands. For example, Jens spent many years as a live drummer, bassist and keyboardist.