Dolls of Pain
Dolls of Pain
Genre Dark Electro
Since 2003


The band has been created in February 2003 by Olivier and Cedric. The singer (Laurent) and the guitarist (Stéphane) have joined the band several months after.
The band signed early 2005 with the swiss label “Urgence Disk Record” and released their first album.
In July 2009 Stéphane leaves the band, the line up was changed. Olivier leaves keyboards on stage (continuous in studio) to rage in the guitar.

DOLLS OF PAIN evolved since 10 years. In the actually sound, the band found a balance that respects the value of each member. D.O.P have a sound that today is them crossover effect meaning, that you can find influences from Dark Electro, EBM, Dark Wave, Goth… D.O.P don't have limit into creations, It‘s simply a mix of what we like.

Since 2004, Dolls of Pain have toured for more than 100 times in France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Netherland, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Ukrain.

After 5 albums, 2 EP’s, 1 Vinyl 7 inch and 3 free on-line compilations of remix published by Urgency Disk Records and Advoxya Records,

Dolls Of Pain have the pleasure to announce they just sign up with Trisol and Darktunes and are together on the way to release the 6th album “A silence in my life” during the spring 2016.