Genre Rock
City Oldenburg
Country Germany
Since 2009


Welcome to an empty world, to a world of dirt, to the world of DEVIL-M!

Draw your protective circles, because from there void the devilish musicians from Oldenburg, Germany will cast their spells over you, filling your dusty hearts with a mélange of dirt and music right from the core of a postapocalyptic society! Relentlessly and merciless the diabolic Industrial-Metalers are pounding and hammering with ruthless riffs in the style of MARILYN MANSON, IN THIS MOMENT and PSYCLON NINE right into the hearts of their listeners. Already since 2009 DEVIL-M are fascinating the world with their music, coupled with sophisticated and awesome artworks.

With “Hollow Earth” the musicians from Oldenburg now are finally closing off for the kill. Twelve energetic tracks with partly melancholic and atmospheric tune, partly with seductive and diabolic sound are about to populate the hollow and void earth, like invaders that claim a new era. Whoever might consider MARILYN MANSON as getting too tame over the last years, should be excited about the new album of DEVIL-M, that follow the roots of that sound that once influenced a whole generation.

Whether the “M” in DEVIL-M stands for Manson, Mephisto or lead-singer Maximilian Meyer is a decision that everyone has to make on his own. We want to believe that it’s a trinity of all the mentioned possibilities. But one thing is certain: The revelation of the “Hollow Earth” is awaiting on 27th of January 2017 physically and digitally and truly should not be missed by anyone!