Genre Hardcore
City Stuttgart
Country Germany
Since 2013


In a time, in which fans of heavy music almost heard everything, and newcomers get mostly accused of being copies, there rises a young, German band with a modern concept that doesn’t get afflicted by such claims. When the room catches fire and Nyves haunting melodies get sung by the crowd, when even the weariest jump into the pit, along with Robin’s beastly shouts, then it’s clear – VENUES is on stage!

The handsome female fronted post-hardcore band from Stuttgart, Germany was founded in 2013 and consists of Nyves, a beautiful and talented songstress, a shouter charged with emotions called Robin, Toni and Constantin from Greece – two guitar brothers far from home, a Russian long-distance truck driver named Wowa and the blonde wunderkind and drummer Dennis. With this extraordinary bunch of passionate musicians, VENUES arranges a unique sound which had been unheard of by veterans and young fans of the scene.

In early 2015 the band visited Cubeaudio Studios run by Markus Gumball, who already got the golden record in collaboration with Guano Apes. Here, they produced their first debut EP, which came out in July 2015. Simultaneously, they released their first music video “No Roses For A Life Lost”, which got a lot of attention for the young band from southern Germany.

After several successful gigs with outstanding feedback, they now begin to cross the country to ignite the souls of their keen audience. Meet VENUES on one of their next shows nearby – they look forward to watch you go insane.