We have great news for you, we will release the new remix album RESTART from Omnimar on February 26th! This remix album includes amazing remixes from their debut album "Start" with many talented artists!

You can preorder it (digital only) and get their whole discography here:

Be ready for RESTART:

1. Wrong Direction (Remix by Binary Division)

2. My Little World (Remix by Nosense)

3. You Save Me (Restart Version)

4. Wrong Direction (Remix by AW 3.0)

5. Start (Remix by The Swooladge) 

6. Sadizm (Remix by Psyhound)

7. Tell Me Your Name (Remix by Restiction 9)

8. Be My Friend (Remix by Hiroshi Armor) 

9. Ego Love (Remix by Alpha Omega 22) 

10. Tell My Your Name (Cover by EXTIZE & Ekaterina Filinovа)

11. Fault (Remix by Emotion For Rent)

12. You Save Me (Remix by Sexy Kill Device)

13. Reason (Remix by Cutoff:Sky) 

14. Fault (Remix by Freaky Mind)

15. Start (Club Edit)

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