After their smashing debut live shows supporting VNV NATION and a thrilling performance at the RESISTANZ FESTIVAL, BLACKBOOK is back with a brand new electrifying single called "No Way Out." This synthpop hymn is an anthem for anyone who feels trapped in a living hell, surrounded by people pretending to be doing well.

With lyrics that cut deep, "No Way Out" speaks to the daily dose of madness and shock that we all face in life. It's a powerful reminder that sometimes the only way out is to cancel your subscription to the anger and hate that surrounds you.

BLACKBOOK's signature sound is on full display in "No Way Out", this track is a perfect showcase of the band's knack for combining catchy pop hooks with darker, more brooding themes. So don't miss out on "No Way Out" – this single is guaranteed to get you dancing while also speaking to the struggles we all face in life!


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