ASHES'N'ANDROID - Der letzte Tanz

Introducing "Der letzte Tanz" - the captivating new single by ASHES'N'ANDROID!

Have you ever truly embraced your essence? Have your desires pushed you to the edge? "Der letzte Tanz" becomes your prayer, a heart filled with pride and gold. Experience a sonic explosion as light dissolves into white smoke, immersing you in a sea of body shadows. The pulsating bass builds towering waves, teasing you with the promise of more. Step onto a stage that becomes your kingdom, where gods applaud and the DJ dedicates the bass to you tonight. Time dissolves in this liberating moment, as you prepare for your ultimate dance.

The brigades of hope assemble for the final battle, gathering the nocturnal dance soldiers on the battlefield. The space crawls into your being, the melody elevates you, and your aura expands, while the light paves your dance floor. This is a temple for your faith, where you believe until the break of dawn. "Der letzte Tanz" is your prime, as we rise and chant aloud. "Der letzte Tanz" by ASHES'N'ANDROID is a mesmerizing Synthpop anthem that will ignite your spirit, leaving you craving for more. Let the music guide you as you embark on an unforgettable journey through sound and emotion.


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