Step into the electrifying world of CIRCUIT PREACHER and immerse yourself in their latest sonic revelation, "Brain Wash." Unravel the enigmatic narrative of The Last Church of the Final Days as the elusive CIRCUIT PREACHER guides you through the shadows of a dystopian future, all set against the backdrop of the year 2222.

"Brain Wash" takes you on a voyage beyond time, questioning reality and the confines of the mind. With lyrics that delve into the struggle for truth within a system designed to erase individuality, CIRCUIT PREACHER's haunting vocals capture the essence of resistance and resilience. Feel the raw emotion as "Brain Wash" delves into the fractured pieces of a world teetering on the edge, where conformity and dissent collide in a symphony of sound. The evocative lyrics draw you into a realm where the struggle for identity and authenticity becomes a rallying cry against the forces that seek to control.

Experience the enigma, shatter the constraints, and allow CIRCUIT PREACHER to wash over your senses with "Brain Wash" – an anthem for those who dare to resist, question, and rise above.


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