Schwarzer Engel - Götterfunken

The new EP from the epic Gothic - Metal / Neue Deutsche Härte band Schwarzer Engel is out now!

With his Symphony No. 9 to „Freude schöner Götterfunken“ Ludwig von Beethoven created one of his most famous masterpieces. Almost two centuries later, the german dark-metal-band SCHWARZER ENGEL melodizes the symphony again in their unique style. Using melodical metal-guitars and their unique vocals plus medieval-sounding tunes, this piece is truly a pleasure to fans of dark and atmospheric music. While the classy piano-interpretations are contributed by El Friede (OOMPH!), the artwork comes from Season Zero (ASP, L'Âme Immortelle, Sunrise Avenue).

Besides the title-track and the two piano-interpretations, the EP also contains a track called „EinMensch“, which is an exciting preview of the upcoming album „Imperium II – Titania“. Never before the sound of the band has been as euphoric as on „Götterfunken“. Even if it was the last great opus of Beethoven, one will truly wish that it might not be the last one of SCHWARZER ENGEL. The EP will only be available in a limited edition, so the joy will only be for the fast ones.

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