Lolita KompleX - The greatest show on earth

"The Greatest Show on Earth" with guests like Mike Kelly of The Mission, Alexander Kaschte of Samsas Traum and ILLUMINATE!

Roll up, roll up! Come a little closer; don’t be afraid! Witness this unique attraction for our times! Experience this unique freak show direct from Lolita KompleX's cabinet of curios! This is what you would likely hear were the mysterious figures from this rock/cabaret quintet to enter the circus ring. With their unique mixture of goth, rock and metal, blended with Japanese visual kei elements, the Austrians spectacularly succeed in performing a musical balancing act that opens up a complete new spectrum of rock music.

‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ comprises 13 new works of art that LOLITA KOMPLEX present to us in a lavishly designed digipak, which also includes a booklet featuring the spectacular illustrations of award-winning anime artist Gina Wetzel. As well as having a spoken intro by Nigel Barber (Mission: Impossible and James Bond 007), a number of other artists were invited to guest on the album, and so help create an unforgettable listening experience for the eager and willing public.

So the show goes on: lean back, trust your ears and eyes and allow yourself to be captivated by an unparalleled evening at the circus with LOLITA KOMPLEX!

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