Lolita KompleX

We are proud to announce you that darkTunes will release the new Lolita KompleX album "The Greatest Show On Earth" as limited digipack on October 16th. This new album will include featurings with Alexander Kaschte/Samsas Traum, Mike Kelly of The Mission and Illuminate. We're happy to collaborate with Trisol Music Group which will do the digital distribution of the album.

You can preorder this masterpiece on:

The Battle of Metal, Vol. 2 - Revealing the Bands!

It was a long way to chose the best 50 tracks out of the enormous number of submissions, but now we finally got them!

Here are the 50 metal Bands which will be on our new compilation:

Deus ex Vagina, Devil-M, Smash Hit Combo, Dust In Mind, Blackest Light, Ego Get Your Gun, Astrixion, Last Satanic Divine, Moonlight Asylum, SAMARAH, VAMPIRES ON TOMATO JUICE, Adligate Band, Beyond The Dust, Renegade Alley, Break Down A Venue, Incordia, Sober Truth, Extize, Elchwut, Saint Astray, Mortal Agony, InfiNight, Spawn of Damnation, An Assfull Of Love, Eugene Rodin, Evidence of Fear, Astoryas, need2destroy, Summer Arctic, WALKYRYA, Clashman, End Of Illusion, RichtWerk, What if they Fight, Broken Vein, Beverly Hells, IROCCO, Schwarze Engel, Baryon, No Joke, True Reason, Aeronautica, Generator, Naveia, Bäd Influence, NeverKnow, Sector, Renegade, First Judgement, Dr. NICK.

Dust in Mind - Bandfoto

The french female fronted metal band from Strasbourg joined the darkTunes family! We can’t wait to present you their debut album « Never Look Back » which is an incredible mix of industrial metal, melodic death metal and nu-metal with influences from PAIN, GOJIRA, HYPOCRISY, LACUNA COIL, DEATHSTARS and THE KOVENANT.

Founded in 2013 fueled by the desire to experiment with the precise mixture of musical genres and odd soundscapes, the primary goal of Dust In Mind was only to tell its own story with its distilled sentiments and extreme dynamics, showing endless creative possibilities. The signature production and the tortured vocals from Dam (brought from the Death Metal band BLINDNESS and ABSURDITY) combined with the ethereal voice of Jen (Shindo) makes Dust In Mind a powerful, unique and groovy Metal band. With such members as Arnaud (ABSURDITY, BIOSCAR), Jack (ex‐KARELIA guitarist) and Matt (from MINOTAUR PROJECT and ABSURDITY , the final line‐up consist of professional musicians only, putting on a show that is just as crushing as unique.

Release date and more infos are coming soon…

The Battle of Metal, Vol. 2 - We want you!

You are in a metal band? We are looking for great metal tracks (Death metal, Thrash metal, Groove metal, Power metal, Nu metal, Heavy metal,Folk/Pagan/Viking/Black Metal, all kind Metals of metal music!) for our new compilation "The Battle of Metal Vol.2"

Send us your best track at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline: July, 12th. 2015

We will chose the best 50 tracks! The sampler will be distributed and promoted in more than 200 mp3 stores and streaming services world wide, so thousand of metal heads on the world will listen to your music! We are excited to listen to your sound! Horns up and let’s fight!

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