BLACK HEAVEN - Suicide Songs

BLACK HEAVEN - SUICIDE SONGS (Release on November 29th. 2019)

Welcome to the edge of the night. Here, at the end of all things, at the threshold between this life and the next, BLACK HEAVEN always felt at home. But even with that in mind, even when remembering that this darkly electronic incarnation of Martin Schindler (MANTUS) is shrouding the dark stains on our soul in majestic sounds for 18 years now, even when he is being renowned for his role as a prophet of decline, he effortlessly enters a new era with “Suicide Songs”. Are we prepared to follow him?

 “Suicide Songs” is continuing what BLUTENGEL’s “Seelenschmerz” or WUMPSCUT’s “Wreath of Barbs” started: Songs like wounds, telling of deep longing, deep pain and deep beauty. It has been a long time since the beauty of despair has been captured as gripping and as moving as on “Suicide Songs”. Rather self-explanatory, then, that this record is by far the most personal, most honest and most intimate piece of art Schindler ever consummated under the moniker BLACK HEAVEN. Yes, it hurts. But it’s healing us, too.

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FORMAT: 6-sided digipak with 16 pages booklet

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