Dust In Mind are back with their new single & music video "No Way Out", be ready to bang your head hard! This new modern metal masterpiece is taken from their upcoming album which will be released in 2021.

The pulse is rising, flames are blazing: Pure adrenaline flows through the veins and the metal, DUST IN MIND use to infuse their grooving melodies and heavy riffs, sparks. Founded in 2013 in Strasbourg (France), DUST IN MIND presents itself as one of the most innovative Industrial and Modern Metal band in the scene.

Brachial growls meet the sensual vocals of a strong power woman, DUST IN MIND faces the fears of mankind and lead the listener straight through its doom into a new world. They do not close their eyes towards the problems of the society today: Their songs deal with emotional ups and downs and do not exclude important issues like the protection of environment. DUST IN MIND are now ready for a new chapter, their upcoming album will be released 2021 such as many new singles and music videos. Be ready for a truly hot and melodic ride that will make the sparks fly rapidly!

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