Dear witchpop and darkwave lovers, it's time to unleash the debut album and a new music video of our modern witch AGNIS.

ONENESS - A mystical journey of light and fire! 

In a world where darkness meets light, AGNIS reigns! Inspired by the Indian God of Fire 'Agni' and her own name, Agnieszka, this slavic witch not only makes you dance to her electrifying beats but also inspires the spiritual and gentle way of living in a world that appears very broken and dark. The atmosphere AGNIS creates can only be described as LANA DEL REY meets DEPECHE MODE and NINE INCH NAILS. A masterpiece of Wiccan mystique and a journey between Darkwave, Darkpop, New Age and Dark Electro!

In her debut album, AGNIS fully embraces her witchy and spiritual side to showcase the power that everyone holds within! The 'Mystical Darkpop' priestess from Poland has already enchanted many listerners with her two Singles 'I am the Light' and 'Light and Fire' which were released this year! AGNIS fell in love with the piano from a very young age and showed even more creative talent as a painter! Jumping from one creative pot to the other, she even wrote a whole musical called 'The Keykeeper' which was targeted at young people searching for their own paths. Messages about being yourself, finding your way and becoming the invincible soul that one was destined to be are the topics her music embodies.

Starting the album off with 'I am the Light', the modern witch indicates that human souls are pure and that everyone decides their path. It's your choice which wolf you feed. The bad one or the good one. Haunting piano sounds in duet with siren-like vocals make this song a mystical delight! 'Transubstantiation' is filled with powerful sounds entangled by a ghostly undertone. This song speaks about change and its good and simple nature once one accepts it. AGNIS also shows her powerful, rebellious side in 'Slavic Witch' that was inspired by the events that occurred around Halloween 2020, when thousands of women stood up for their rights. The raw power of a woman and the strength and magic of Wicca she embodies, is what this song is about. It almost feels like being seduced into an occult dream in which one finds protection and reinforcement.

In conclusion, one must admit that this album is filled with exciting notion, enchanting vocals and encouraging affirmations that make you take a closer look into your inner world. Be ready to begin your mystical journey that will make you feel stronger, brighter and divine!

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