🌗 New AGNIS video "Transubstantiation" 🌓 ⁣

Mystical, dark and bewitching! ⁣

Taken from her debut album ONENESS - A mystical journey of light and fire! 

In a world where darkness meets light, AGNIS reigns! Inspired by the Indian God of Fire 'Agni' and her own name, Agnieszka, this slavic witch not only makes you dance to her electrifying beats but also inspires the spiritual and gentle way of living in a world that appears very broken and dark. The atmosphere AGNIS creates can only be described as LANA DEL REY meets DEPECHE MODE and NINE INCH NAILS. A masterpiece of Wiccan mystique and a journey between Darkwave, Darkpop, New Age and Dark Electro!

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