DUST IN MIND Live at the Opera


Dear metalheads, we are extremely proud to present you the new Dust In Mind live album "Live At The Opera"! The band recorded it in one of France's most beautiful opera in Strasbourg. Enjoy and share it ❤

Download & stream it here 👉 https://smarturl.it/LiveOpera

AEVUM - Multiverse

Welcome to the Multiverse, where epic Tunes and electronic elements encounter hard Riffs, and where the charming voices of Lucille Nightshade and Hydra are carrying the ears and hearts of their fans from the third to another dimension.

The members of AEVUM from Italy and France have, since their foundation in 2012, developed a musical style that always was bound to their strong influences of Symphonic Metal, yet breaking the bonds of the genre, by thinking outside of the box.

The glorious new album of AEVUM is named “Multiverse” and follows the footsteps of Bands like NIGHTWISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION, EPICA and more. Love and affinity towards symphonic Sounds, lifeblood, imaginativeness and much more has to be mentioned to handle such a task. And yet, the 8 musicians from France and Italy undeterredly follow that path, while they are firing a salvo of 13 powerful tracks consisting of guitar-riffs meeting skincrawling orchestral and electronic elements.

AEVUM are integrating themselves seamlessly into the force of nature of symphonic metal. So, who doesn’t miss to listen to “Multiverse”, will surely find a lot of enrichments for his personal favourite-list.

Get the new album MULTIVERSE as digipak, collector bundle or download  and stream here:

BASSZILLA - Support Your Local Apocalypse Dealer

Our bass monster Basszilla and our darkpop queen Maria Mar of Omnimar joined their forces to create a new masterpiece!

This song is called "Ghost In My Head" and comes with a wonderful music video which has been recorded in 3 countries: France, Germany and Russia!

This song will appear on BASSZILLA's new double album "Support Your Local Apocalypse Dealer" and of course this first single is OUT NOW!


(release on May 22nd. 2020)

👉 https://smarturl.it/Basszicalypse

From the depths of the electro-swamps the monster arises another time: BASSZILLA is awakened once again! The king of monsters is stomping relentlessly across the dancefloors of Death Electro, Complextro, Nu Rave and Dark Techno with industrial house influences and presents itself darker and more grimly than ever before. Since the monstrous music-project (awoken by the Extize frontman) has charged the clubs for the first time in 2014 and after three releases and some memorable DJ Sets, like the one with WESTBAM among others, the dancefloors around the globe are still burning. But like in every good monster-story it also applies to BASSZILLA: The evil does never sleep! And so, it is clear that also this time the bass-monster awakes to life again and causes an electro-quake extraordinaire with his new album “Support Your Local Apocalypse Dealer”.

Twenty tracks influenced by bands like CYBERPUNKERS, DIRTYPHONICS, INFECTED MUSHROOMS, OWL VISION, GESAFFELSTEIN and NERO are shaking the dancefloors to the very foundation and bring the party-crowd to dance like mad! The beauty and the beast can go hom, because you will also find an awesome featuring with the darkpop queen of OMNIMAR on this album. Again, BASSZILLA provides us with monstrously good temper and easily manages it to promote the evolution of his own style without losing his unique sound.

Mankind has failed in stopping BASSZILLA with conventional weapons, this monster of the beats is no ordinary one: He is BASSZILLA, hear his bassline roar! Nobody can escape the bass-beast and whoever loves electronic sounds will surely not be able to elude from the deep rumble and screams of BASSZILLA on his new album!

FORMATS: 6 sided digipak with 2 CDs (limited to only 200 units worldwide), girly collector bundle, man collector bundle, download and stream.

THE BLACK CAPES - Lullabies For The Dead

The Greek goth rock act THE BLACK CAPES return with their new album "Lullabies For The Dead" on April 10th. !!! And here is their new single & video "And I Wait". "Lullabies For The Dead" drives the band down a more traditional goth path, in the vein of THE SISTERS OF MERCY and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, while at times flirting with the heavier sound of TYPE O NEGATIVE and THE 69 EYES.

You can preorder the album as digipak or download here:


A BRITNEY SPEARS cover in industrial rock style? Ooops, FREAK INJECTION did it (again). Enjoy the great music video "Toxic" and be ready for a really really good debut album on April 24th.

Don't forget to preorder the album and one of our 4 limited collector editions here:

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