Ladies & gentlemen, the DarkMerch face masks are here!

Face mask with inner PM2.5 filter pocket and front print (exclusive designs such as darkTunes bands designs)

A new filter can be easily be replaced in the mask after each use. The filters are not included, but you can use any type of filter. Just insert the protection filter along the opening inside the mask. (It is recommended to change the filter once a day). Of course, the mask can also be worn without a filter.
DarkMerch donate 1€ per sold mask to an animal protection shelter.

- High quality breathable cotton, soft and comfortable to wear

- Color: Black

- Weight: 10g

- Width: approx. 27cm (incl. earloops) in unstretched form. Strechable up to approx. 50cm

- Length: approx. 12cm in unstretched form. Strechable up to approx. 16cm.

- The mask is suitable for every face size, including wider faces

- Filter not included

Chose your mask now on www.DARKMERCH.com

AUGER - Insurgence

Hell yeah! The new AUGER album "Insurgence" is OUT NOW!

The end of days is upon us all. The world as we know it has perished into a state beyond repair by a fire fuelled by greed, corruptness and power. When all hope seems lost, one spark remains - in the eyes of those in Team AUGER!

The 14-tracks on this album tell tails of loss, destruction, alliance and overcoming. Broadcasting a message that by joining together, the insurgence will be strong enough to take back what was stolen, and find justice for all that was lost in the flames of their abuse.

AUGER’s surging development is apparent in this, the latest instalment of their story. The album plays at full throttle from start to finish. Fusing throaty guitars with dancing synth melodies and wrapping them up with clean, incandescent vocals is how insurgence shows AUGER continues to bend the rules of genre specificity. The dramatic, high-energy soundtrack is fit for fans of LORD OF THE LOST, ZEROMANCER, BLUTENGEL, DIARY OF DREAMS, THE HORRORS and PARADISE LOST. And that's not all, as you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear heavy influences from the eighties, with melodies reminiscent of bands such as THE CURE and DEPECHE MODE.

It's all this that makes this electronic-infused dark rock album, something truly special and AUGER are incredibly proud and excited to share it with you all. Will you join the insurgence? Will you stand with us and rebuild this world to be a more inclusive, sustainable and positive environment? Together, we will be successful. Together, we are AUGER.

Get this masterpiece now as download, stream or limited digipak:


Ladies & gentlemen, let us present you our new signing: Dance My Darling joined the darkTunes family! Hellcome!

DANCE MY DARLING is a darkwave / synthpop / darkpop band from Moscow (Russia). The long ringing of the funerary bell, the rumbling of the heavy boots of the conqueror and the silent, melancholic noise... We're going to release their debut album "Apoda" on June 12th. 2020, so stay (dark) tuned and be ready for a great album...

EXTIZE - 28 Days Later


Our electroheads are back with a new single and music video! We're proud to present "In the House, In a Heartbeat [JOHN MURPHY Cover]" taken from the movie "28 Days Later". Enjoy this dark electro cover such as its music video! You can get the single here:

CIMA MUTA - Momentum

Dear Witch House lovers, check this EP & video out!

CIMA MUTA are finally back with a brand new EP & music video! Enjoy "Momentum" which will take you into a journey in a mystic world... You can get the EP here:

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