Genre Electro Industrial
City Heidelberg
Country Germany
Since 2007
WEB http://www.extize.com


In the shadowy depths of the electronic music abyss, there emerged a phenomenon like no other, a bizarre fusion of dark music and twisted humor. EXTIZE are like an UFO soaring high above the gothic electronic scene.


Born from the mind of the inimitable frontman Rapha Hell, EXTIZE crash-landed onto the music scene in 2007 with all the subtlety of a chainsaw-wielding maniac in a moonlit cornfield. Hailing from the unholy union of France and Germany, this dark electronic misfit would go on to bewilder, entertain, and terrify audiences worldwide. EXTIZE's musical journey is a genre-bending rollercoaster through the nightmarish realms of sound. Picture this: "Redneck Industrial," an unholy matrimony of country twang and soul-crushing industrial beats, as if Leatherface decided to swap his chainsaw for a synthesizer. But wait, there's more. "Anarchy Engineers" beckons you into a dystopian cyberpunk story, where man and machine merge in a dance of digital anarchy.


Their latest album "MonStars" is a ghastly tribute to cult horror flicks from the '80s to the 2000s. Think of it as a gloomy séance summoning the spirits of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and every other bogeyman that ever haunted your dreams.


But don't be fooled by their macabre melodies and twisted tales, for EXTIZE brings the wicked humor of French farce to the fore. These friendly aliens indulge in a hearty dose of self-derision and dark humor, proving that even in the darkest of nights, a laugh can be as piercing as a scream. In the murky depths of their musical landscape, EXTIZE defies categorization. One moment, you're knee-deep in the rusted gears of industrial cacophony; the next, you're soaring through the neon-lit skies of futurepop, only to plummet into the abyss of acid darkwave. It's a sonic carnival of horrors that's impossible to predict, like a zombie outbreak at a rave party.


But make no mistake, dear dark souls, for EXTIZE is more than just a musical spectacle: they are the dark electronic party band your blackened hearts have yearned for. They beckon you to join their darkly exhilarating dance of the damned, where French humor meets Gothic despair, and the party never ends. So, when you see that UFO in the festival lineup, don't run for cover—embrace the madness, join the revelry, and let EXTIZE take you on a spine-tingling journey through the twisted corridors of their musical minds. In the world of dark electronic music, they are the true MonStars, and you're invited to the most electrifying party this side of the graveyard.