Moonlight Asylum
Moonlight Asylum
Genre Industrial Metal
Country Argentinia
Since 2008


Moonlight Asylum was born in Argentina in 2008 as an industrial electronic metal project.

Fusing different music styles, the band pursued a constant search for an evolving sound.
As time goes by, more stuff were added to enrich the experience, strong metal riffs from thrash and black metal, catchy melodies from electro and pop, and even breakdowns from metalcore.

In past gigs, Mooonlight Asylum has shared stage with Deathstars, the 69 eyes, Emilie Autumn, Nitzer ebb, Cradle of filth, Within Temptation, The sisters of mercy, Paradise lost, Lacuna coild, Anneke Van Giersbergen and HIM, among others.

Nowadays the band has a strong sound and is ready to hit the stages with more power than ever.