Smash Hit Combo
Smash Hit Combo
Genre Nu Metal
City Mulhouse
Country France
Since 2004


Smash Hit Combo is a french Brutal Rapcore band from Cernay/France.

Over the years they created a unique, powerful and intense metal played with flawless precision and extreme sincerity somewhere between Death metal,Electo,Neo metal and Hip Hop.

They released in 2009 their first album "nolife" produced by Stephane Buriez (BLack Bomb A,L'esprit du clan,darkness dynamite) and Christophe Edrich (X vision).

After more than 150 shows and 2 years of touring in Europe, Russia and Cananda, they're realeasing"Reset"their 2nd album.

Way more Modern and Brutal they're still keeping their original Rapcore sound and adding some new Djent/Deathcore influences.