Gothic Music Orgy, Vol. 5


The darkest compilation is entering the next round! Once again, the darkness is about to crawl into your speakers, bringing the beauty of dark music of all genres directly to your ears!

Gothic Music Orgy, Vol. 5, that means a fine selection of 60 Tracks of everything, which the world of gothic music has to offer: from harsh electronic beats, awesome riffs to sounds of melancholy, the compilation is packed with the whole repertoire! From Batcave to Neue Deutsche Härte, from Dark Electro to Future Pop and from Gothic Metal to New Wave.

Amongst them there are contributions and exclusive tracks from EXTIZE, SHIV-R, OMNIMAR, DUST IN MIND, SYNTHATTACK, BINARY DIVISION, DEVIL-M, THE BLACK CAPES and many more. So come and celebrate with us and let the year start with an orgy!

Start your journey into the gothic music now:


The song "Savior Self" is taken from the last Devil-M album "Hollow Earth" and this "best of live" video were shop during the tour and the many shows in clubs and festival of Devil-M this year.

Enjoy this evil show and get the album now:


Our female fronted symphonic metal band from Portugal and Russia is back with a incredible new EP which is called ANIMA.

These 4 epic songs are accompanied by the powerful and wonderful voices from Polina Psycheya, Alina Lesnik, Dragica Maletic, Rehn Stillnight such as other special guests like Agordas. Let the anima take over!


darkTunes is very proud to announce that our Nu-Metal heads from SICKRET will play with JONATHAN DAVIS (lead singer of KORN) next Monday at the legendary Z7 in Pratteln (Switzerland)!

Of course we will be there and we hope to see a lot of you there too!

CHABTAN - Eleven


Re-release of the debut EP of the Mayan Metalheads!

Due to the enorm success of the new CHABTAN album "Nine Levels" that we've released last month, we've decided to re-release the first EP "Eleven" (2013) of this unique metal band! And here is it, enjoy the awakening of the Mayan gods of metal!

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