MORGENSTERN - Schockmaschine

Get ready to bang your head like never before! MORGENSTERN, the Neue Schweize Härte powerhouse, is back with a new single called "Schockmaschine". Brace yourself for an intense journey into a world where raw energy and resilience collide. With unforgettable melodies, heavy riffs, and powerful vocals that will leave you craving for more, MORGENSTERN is set to captivate fans of OST FRONT, EISBRECHER, and MAERZFELD.

"Schockmaschine" embodies the essence of MORGENSTERN's signature sound, combining hard guitar riffs with industrial synthesizers. The lyrics delve into the realms of superstition, challenging the notion of truth as a requirement. Let’s go on a wild ride on the "Schockmaschine"!


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