C Z A R I N A - Medusa

C ⚡ A R I N A - “Medusa”

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Galicia, Spain-based American synth and electronic artist CZARINA (styled as C Z A R I N A on all platforms) unveils her latest Darkwave and Baroque Pop Single, Medusa. Based on the ancient Greek mythology about the legendary serpent-haired gorgon, Medusa is a song about time eventually unraveling all hidden truths from beginning and the end - “the Alpha and Omega.” According to the myth, Medusa was once a beautiful maiden wrongfully punished by the warrior goddess Athena after the ocean-god Poseidon defiled Medusa in Athena's temple. Athena transformed Medusa’s beautiful hair into horrible snakes and her gaze that turns men into stone. Throughout history, Medusa has been associated with monstrosity which CZARINA sings with cynicism, “Cuz I’m the predator, I’m predator,” even though she’s the true victim in the ancient myth. In today’s culture, Medusa has been retransformed into a powerful symbol of feminine rage which the track celebrates.

Written, arranged, performed, fully produced and recorded by CZARINA, Medusa is an eclectic mix of ‘80s goth and darkwave, heavy-hitting club banger soundscapes mixed with ethereal qualities of a simulated chamber orchestra and a full-scale choir performance by the artist. Von Hertzog of The Social Club (Reading, PA), provided additional atmospheric sound designs, along with mixing and mastering. All of CZARINA’s cover art and visuals are conceptualized and created by her and her husband, the artist DeadlyKawaii. Medusa and its accompanying music video will be available across all platforms on December 2, 2021. It is the third single from CZARINA’s highly-anticipated sophomore full-length record, ARCANA, due early 2022

CZARINA is Vero Faye Kitsuné, an award-winning electronic musician, producer, songwriter, filmmaker, creative director, designer and visual and performance artist. She is known for her multi-disciplinary approach that combines transcendentalism and new age mysticism with her love for futurist culture, cybernetics, biomechanics, ancient artifacts, mythology, folklore and the discipline that comes with her Budo martial arts training.

CZARINA’s unique soundscape seamlessly melds electronic with organic sounds, transcending a vast spectrum of genres including progressive synths, art rock, Baroque pop, cyberpunk, industrial, trip hop, post-punk and darkwave. Her eclectic list of musical and visionary influences include Nine Inch Nails, TOOL, Massive Attack, Bjork, The Knife, Fever Ray, Puscifer, Vangelis, A Perfect Circle, The Cranberries, Enya, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, QUEEN, Blondie, Kate Bush, Siouxie Sioux, Tori Amos, and visual masters and storytellers Masamune Shirow, Yoshitaka Amano, HR Giger, Hayao Miyazaki, Katsuhiro Otomo and Hajime Sorayama. CZARINA takes her audience into a new dimension, filled with atmospheric and cinematic synths, a full orchestra and heraldic choir chants, shimmering arpeggios, sonic guitar riffs, catchy melodies, powerful vocal hooks, and poignant, thoughtful lyricism that compels one to look inward, around and beyond the material world.

FALLCIE - Hollow


Here is the second single "Hollow" of the hottest upcoming album of the year: 'Volcano’ by FALLCIE!

Thunderous growls meet intense and clean vocals within the music of the Russian female fronted extreme metal band FALLCIE. Get ready to bang your head hard and enjoy this more than great music video!

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CATTAC - Morticians

💥 CATTAC are back! It's gonna be dark! 💥

Dear darkwave and EBM lovers, we're proud to present you the new single and video "Morticians" taken from the upcoming CattaC EP "Nightness".

Jump in the car and let's take a ride into the darkness! You call it sad, we call it work!

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💥CTRL – A fiery ride to your inner sun! 💥

With over 10 million streams, the modern metal band DUST IN MIND from Strasbourg (France) creates a sound world filled with passion, fire and thunder! Their highly anticipated fourth album 'CTRL' is a wholehearted confirmation that the expansion of DUST IN MIND is redoubtable. By channeling their inner fury about the devastating global situation, the band succeeds to unveil a strong and sharp sound which cuts right through your emotions.

An album about courage, surrendering and the intimate process of learning about oneself whilst having to face the overwhelming pressure and torrents of feelings that seem uncontrollable and incomprehensible.

'Lost Control' which has been released before as a single, is a true masterpiece of self-exploration engulfed by electrifying melodies and thunderous rhythms. The journey continues on through pain in which resignation seems like the only option and is portrayed in the most exhilarating way. The waters of solitude start to boil and fuel the fire for 'Break' and 'Empty in which pure aggression turns into art. The band also embraces their French roots in the song 'Synapses' where one verse is delivered in their native language, changing the ambience for a moment and transporting the listener into the world of old Paris.  

With each and every song DUST IN MIND climb higher and higher the ladder of unique composing, rich melodies and dark ambience to showcase their iconic personality and relentless determination as a band. 'CTRL' just like the rest of the bands' records, has been produced by no other than Damien Dausch, making the sound even more accomplished, mature and established.

Let DUST IN MIND take you on a kick ass ride through an emotional rollercoaster!


AEVUM - Black Swan Theory

Dear metalheads, we're proud to present you the new video and single "Black Swan Theory" of AEVUM !

This is the first single of the upcoming album "Glitch" of our metal combo from Italy. If you're into industrial and symphonic metal, you should listen to this banging track which shows the beginning of the evolution of AEVUM's sound. A new era is beginning now...

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