AGNIS is back, turning up the heat with her dark and dancy cover of Britney Spears' hit "Toxic"!

Get ready to move your feet as AGNIS transforms this iconic track into a seductive darkpop anthem with an EBM twist. Her powerful vocals and pulsating beats will draw you into a spellbinding world where danger and desire intertwine.

Feel the energy surge through your veins as AGNIS' "Toxic" captivates your senses and leaves you craving more!

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AEVUM - Nightshade

AEVUM brings a fusion of classical grace and metal's raw power in their latest symphonic opera metal ballad. Featuring the transcendent melodies of a grand piano, intertwined with the electrifying intensity of metal instrumentation, « Nightshades » will give you goosebumps. At the heart of the storm, the voice of Lucille emerges, crystal-clear and profoundly moving, navigating through intricate harmonies and sweeping orchestrations. This ballad isn't just a song; it's an odyssey that captures the essence of two worlds colliding, creating a breathtaking experience that resonates with the soul. Prepare to be captivated by a performance where elegance meets energy, and every note tells a story.


THE SILVERBLACK - Serenades Of Hate

Introducing the new single "Serenades Of Hate." from Italy's industrial metal powerhouse, THE SILVERBLACK! Get ready to be blown away as they unleash their signature blend of relentless energy and raw emotion in this hard-hitting anthem. With haunting lyrics that cut to the bone and a thunderous sound that will leave you breathless. Feel the intensity as THE SILVERBLACK delivers an assault like never before, leaving no apologies and no regrets in its wake. Judgment is coming, and it's coming fast!



🎉 Wow, this escalated quickly... We've reached another huge label milestone! The label crew and our bands are incredibly thankful for the trust and strength you give us each day! Thank you for giving new bands and a modern goth and metal label like us the chance to shine so bright ⭐

🙌 A special big shoutout goes to our superfans on YouTube. Thank you for supporting us so much! We reinvest each super thank and donation into the promotion of our bands! As a special treat, you'll find a bunch of free Bandcamp download codes on the YouTube community page reserved for superfans ❤️‍🔥

🫶 Last but not least, we can't say it enough times: we, the label team, are more than proud to have the chance to work with so many extremely talented artists and to be surrounded by so many wonderful and creative human beings. Without you, we wouldn't achieve anything. So thank you, everybody, for building a real family in the heart of our label ❤️

😃 And yes, since YouTube gives trophies for 100k and 1 million subscribers only, we manually updated our old one 😂

DEAD LIGHTS x MARC MASSIVE - When The Lights Come Down

Featuring guest vocals by Massive Ego front man Marc Massive, Dead Lights present another synthpop banger.

Fame. The addiction to adulation, praise, and success. The folly of chasing it, chasing the highs, at any cost; even being willing to sacrifice the integrity of your art and your person in its pursuit. And, of course, the inevitable pitfalls of attaching your sense of self worth to the fleeting attention of others. ‘When the Lights Come Down' reflects on the realisation that this is utterly fruitless, and the emptiness it can leave after abandoning anything of worth in the pursuit of “more”.

We are very proud that Marc Massive (Massive Ego) generously contributed his beautiful voice on our new single! What makes it extra special is the fact that it was at a Massive Ego -hosted festival in London (by Synthetic City) that Saul and Richard first met. A year before the start of DEAD LIGHTS. They both performed there with their other bands, unaware of the shared future ahead. Another chance encounter that had big consequences. Do you believe in fate?

NOTE: Bandcamp buyers receive an extra, free, exclusive extended version of the song!

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