CATTAC - Meaningless

Dive into the shadows with CATTAC's latest single "Meaningless"—a powerful blend of darkwave and EBM rhythms, underscored by the singer's deep, unforgettable voice. This track navigates the depths of despair and resignation, echoing the somber reality of a fractured bond. For fans of the gothic spectrum, "Meaningless" promises an immersive auditory journey through darker, uncharted waters. Listen now and let the stark, resonant lyrics resonate with your own hidden depths.

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ANTIBODY - Never Quite Right

Dive into the dystopian world of harsh rave beats with ANTIBODY's new album "Never Quite Right"! From the depths of Germany's underground scene emerges a sonic force like no other. Since the tender age of 12, Jan Antibody has been crafting a dark symphony of industrial-electro-powernoise fusion. Embark on a journey through pulsating beats, thunderous basslines, and infectious melodies that will engulf your senses in a whirlwind of cyberpunk chaos. ANTIBODY is here to infect the world with their signature blend of Industrial, Power Noise, and Hardstyle/Hardcore.

Embrace the darkness and join the rave revolution with "Never Quite Right" – it's the soundtrack to your cybernetic rebellion!

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Get ready to ignite your senses with "Kiss The Sun" the scorching new single from the double female-fronted modern metal powerhouse. With a fusion of groove metal and djent, OCTO CRURA delivers a sonic experience that will leave you craving more. Feel the raw intensity as the music builds, propelling you towards a climax where pain meets pleasure and darkness meets light. It's a journey of self-discovery and defiance, where the only way forward is to embrace the flames and let everything burn.



🖤 Dear darklings, we are proud to present some impressions of the WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN 2024 which took place in Leipzig (Germany) on May 16th - 20th 2024. Enjoy the beautiful faces of this edition of this awesome festival 🦇



The titan of drum'n'bass metal ZARDONIC injects a high-octane electronic twist into SICKRET's nu-metal anthem "Raise Your Fist," crafting a powerhouse remix that melds the fury of metal with the relentless energy of heavy beats.

With lyrics that scream defiance and call for liberation, this track is an explosive call to arms, urging listeners to break free and ignite their inner fire. "Raise Your Fist" is not just music; it's a battle cry for the bold, a manifesto for those ready to challenge the darkness with every beat and riff.

Gear up for a fusion where metal meets electronic in an unforgettable clash. This remix is your anthem for rebellion!

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