SICKRET - Worship


"Envy must be earned and It’s the greatest praise, Your hate let me rise, Your anger is no surprise, You wanna tear me apart with gossip, That does not affect me!"

Friends, get ready to bang your hand hard, our Swiss Nu Metal heads SICKRET are back with the 2nd single of their new concept album! We're very proud to present you this banger which is called WORSHIP. Enjoy and share 🤘

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//BLACKBOOK - Slowlove

"Let’s take it slow, One kiss at a time, Move to the rhythm of slowlove, Wake up to my kind of Love in slow-motion"

Our synthpop duo BLACKBOOK from Switzerland is back with a wonderful new single called "Slowlove". Enjoy this great message!

If you still don't know BLACKBOOK: One half of the duo is responsible for various radio hits which are still among the most played Swiss songs, as well as the title song of a successful international NETFLIX series.

The other half works as a musician for several of the best-known acts in the Swiss music scene. His history as a songwriter and producer includes numerous chart successes, including several best-selling Swiss singles, a number 1 hit in Luxembourg and several top 50 successes in Germany.

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"I'm locked up in a cage, Looking for this feeling, The only way out, Dig dig deep down..."

Ladies & gentlemen, we're more than happy to announce the release of the new Dust In Mind single and video "Break"! Be ready for this banger track full of emotions...

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MORGENSTERN - Halb ein Mann

🔥MORGENSTERN - Halb ein Mann🔥

The debut single of Switzerland's number 1 ex-RAMMSTEIN coverband is OUT NOW !

Taken from the upcoming debut album "Morgenstern Music - Mechamorphose" (Release on March 26th. 2021)

MORGENSTERN - From tribute to original

Just from the land known for its neutrality come five metalheads ready to make a stand... MORGENSTERN are known for an intense, adrenaline-bursting and energy driven live activity as the only Swiss RAMMSTEIN tribute from 2010 to 2017. But that was yesterday...

Finally, in 2021 the mask has fallen, revealing their true face and a solid plan to raise mayhem in their own way. And that plan is called "Mechamorphose": on one side, a metamorphosis from tribute to original, but on the other and darker side, the mechanical becoming of ten massive tracks, that will take the listener through MORGENSTERN's twisted point of view on a world that's twisted on his own.

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AGNIS - I am the Light

Once upon a space and time there lived a creature of darkness and bright…

AGNIS – a Nordic translation of the Polish name Agnieszka that means “pure”, “agnis” in Latin means “to share” and Agni is a name of the Indian God of Fire, so “sharing pure fire” is her desire…

Dear witches and creature of the night, we are more than happy to present you the debut single & video "I am the Light" of our mystical DarkPop priestess AGNIS. This single also includes a great MASSIV IN MENSCH remix. Let's start the magic journey now 👉

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