Genre Dark Wave
City Moscow
Country Russia
Since 2022
WEB https://www.instagram.com/apnoie


Get ready to stick your bubble gum under the confessional bench because she will take your breath away. Discover the haunting and captivating sound of APNOIE, the darkpop project of Aleksandra Snork (keyboard player DANCE MY DARLING) that merges dark wave and electro pop to create a unique and mesmerizing soundscape. With a mystical and seductive universe, APNOIE delivers a modern and occult performance that will leave you breathless, much like a spellbinding bout of apnea. Prepare to be transported to a world of intrigue and darkness as she blends electronic beats with vocals made of crystal for a truly unforgettable experience called « Ivory Tower » (debut album release on June 2nd. 2023).