Breed Machine
Breed Machine
Genre Metal
Country France


In the span of two albums, «Eveil Hardcore» & «Renaissance», Breed Machine managed to affirm its particular sound and style: a powerful metal with crushing groovy rhythms and raging vocals in an oppressive atmosphere. It has been said several times that Breed Machine gives the listener no recess...

In 2010, Breed Machine composed and recorded a new album studio album called «3». As for «Renaissance» & «Eveil Hardcore», «3» was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Studio NSR by Laurent Nafissi and Breed Machine between September and December 2010. The cover artwork -an ichtyocentaurus fighting a sea snake- was directed by the band's long time associated artist Joolz. To be released March, 28th 2011, «3» contains 16 tracks and is presented in a Digipack format.

After 3 years of defending "3" on the road with bands like Walls of Jericho, Snot, Black bomb a, Dagoba, Loudblast and many more 4th studio album "A l'aube du huitième jour' out in 2014! (Label44/season of mist)