Genre EBM
Country USA
Since 2023


The year is 2222. The Circuit Preacher leads The Last Church of the Final Days, an underground doomsday cult in the American South. 

A State employee by day, the Preacher is secretly building a congregation. The odd jobs he’s assigned take him through many different areas and potential converts. But there’s a problem. The current government forbids any unapproved meetings, so it’s getting more and more difficult to stay hidden. And there’s also SIREN (State Information Recon & Entertainment Network).

They assign each citizen a set of brainwave-integrated implants. These connect to socials, access the internet, and monitor you via AI in real time. Technology is never perfect, though, and the Last Church has several congregants who know how to disable SIREN long enough to avoid detection. Invisible to the Network, the church unites in worship. 

These songs fill corridors, basements, and other hidden places with heavy electronic rhythms and haunting melodies. This is dark music for the End Times. Will you join us?