Logical Terror
Logical Terror
Genre Metal
City Modena
Country Italy
WEB http://www.logicalterror.com/


The project LOGICAL TERROR aims to communicate clear and meaningful messages through various musical and textual forms. All that may seem trivial, hides behind concepts and art forms far more complex than what you can experience at first listen. There is a total detachment between man as we have always known and the current one; there is no more focus on reality . The songs praise the progress of technology, even when adverse effects are reflected on our lives, and convey the awareness that we can no longer recognize ourselves. To describe these feelings the Italian group has chosen rhythmics,nu-metal steps and industrial prevailing fragments. The melodic appeal is superb, electronic inserts multiply the effect of the dynamics, and the two vocalists alternation is cleverly structured.

After an intense and accurate process of songwriting, the band entered studios in 2010 to create their first album titled "Almost Human", with producers Dualized and Eddy Cavazza, aka dysFUNCTION Productions (Fear Factory, Mnemic, Grenouer, Riptide Music, and collaborations with main icons as Logan Mader, Tue Madsen, Dan Korneff and more). Thanks to the excellent feeling reached between the parties, the final mix is a modern and sophisticated mix of metal, with strong industrial / symphonic influences . The final master was assigned to Forward Studios in Rome, edited by Ray Parenti. After being well received by international critics, and reported as one of the best revelations of the year on major national magazines such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer and Metal Maniac, "Almost Human" gets the attention of insiders, and on top of them the American label Reality Entertainment (Sybreed, Godhead, WASP), which signed the band for a digital worldwide distribution.

In 2011 "Almost Human" is published in U.S.A. and around the world on all on-line stores as iTunes, Amazon, Napster and many others. The band begins a long series of promotional concerts, sharing the stage with international like Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, Primal Fear, Darkane, Engel, Mnemic, Raunchy, Destrage, Neosis, Tasters, Cayne, Empyrios, Cadaveria & more.
With the upcoming brand new album "Ashes Of Fate", Logical Terror moved on a step forward; The new stuff turns more aggressive and orchestral as weel, with a different approach on vocals too, by Emi and Sic still mixing their different duties. Produced by dysFUNCTION Productions, the album features special guests as Jon Howard of Threat Signal, and Björn “Speed” Strid from Soilwork, the amazing dark artwork design has been handed by Luminokaya (Meshuggah). In the beginning of 2016 Logical Terror signed a deal with Darktunes Music Group and they will release the brand new record “Ashes Of Fate”, worldwide distributed by Soulfood (Sony) around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and available on Amazon store in limited digipack edition.