DARK SIDE EONS - Resonance

We're very happy to present you this preview of the upcoming Dark Side Eons album "Resonance" which will be released on March 29th.

DARK SIDE EONS - RESONANCE (March 29th. 2019)

The world is no field of flowers, and everyone makes the experiences at least once in a lifetime, that where the light exists, there is also darkness. DARK SIDE EONS is a duo from Poland playing Electro-Industrial / Electro Wave. Leszek "Morph Trzaska (vocals, guitar, compositions) was a singer and bassist in many metal / hard rock projects since year 2000 and he created Dark Side Eons in 2012. Together with Kate "Moonskin" Trzaska (synthesizer / programming), which joined the band in 2014, the two musicians started to play their first shows already in the same year. This second album contains 12 energetic songs, that transport the feeling to take a journey through endless depths of the human soul, through the universe and the wholeness of life. Every song tells it’s own story and the multifacetedness of the whole album are not at least the result of the various influences of Minimal, Dark Wave, Gothic Rock and Post Punk, that give DARK SIDE EONS their unique sound. So, whoever wants to step into the transcendent world, that can be created with music, should not miss to discover „Resonance”!

We've already started the preorder of the very limited digipak and the digital album:

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