THIRD REALM - Decadence - The Best Of

The Gothic Superstar of the USA comes to Europe! He conquered American dark culture with his various mix of danceable and stoic EBM and his atmospheric Dark Wave Tracks in the blink of an eye. To draw the line: With his stunning presence and his artistic finesse, Third Realm is the American equivalent to BLUTENGEL. Now the Gothic sensation from the United States brings it to the next level and aims to change the dark pop culture in Europe completely.

The Best Of Album of THIRD REALM will be released on 22nd February – a brilliant and surprising bouquet of Dark Wave, Industrial and EBM, the American presents itself to the business.

And while THIRD REALM is an unknown quantity in Europe, the artist’s discography speaks for itself: Shows with bands like HANZEL AND GRETYL, ARCHITECT and BLACK ECHO as well as movie soundtracks – in his home country, the euphory for Nathan Rainer, the head behind THIRD REALM, is massive. For more than fifteen years, the musician thrills his audience with electronic beats and spherical melodies à la AESTHETIC PERFECTION.

But always far away from being a copy: The thousand twinkling facettes, that the artist unites in his creation, draw the picture of a genius some experts already put close to the “Prince Of Darkness” MARILYN MANSON.

Always keeping the pace of time Nathan Reiner works out catchy characteristics out of Pop and Rock and mixes them with the sinister attraction of Gothic culture, tears down walls and creates a completely new world, allowing the equality of stoic beats and anthemic melodies. An exciting cocktail presenting the magic of THIRD REALM in its whole length and giving an impressive cut through the project.

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