EXTIZE - ChatGPT is Gother than You


The world wide first goth song and video 666% made by artificial intelligences!

Introducing the groundbreaking new single from the electro industrial monstars EXTIZE! This time around, they've taken things to the next level by exploring the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence. In fact, everything about this single, from the music to the lyrics to the artwork and video, has been created by advanced AI systems.

The result is a stunningly unique mix of industrial metal, drum’n’bass and redneck electro that will transport you to a futuristic realm where anything is possible. The lyrics are particularly fascinating, as they explore the concept of chatGPT - an AI that's more gothic than even the most dedicated human goths. It's an intriguing, thought-provoking take on the intersection of technology and dark culture.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of electro industrial music, a lover of cutting-edge technology, or just someone who's always on the lookout for fresh and exciting new sounds, this single is not to be missed. With its pulsating rhythms, heavy bass and evocative lyrics, it's a true work of artificial generated art that will leave you craving more. So why wait? Check out EXTIZE's new AI-powered single and experience the future of music for yourself!

Stream & download this very special song now on https://bfan.link/chatgpt

PS: Even this promo-text has been written by chatGPT ;-)

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