DEAD LIGHTS - Receiver

Sensational glam EBM project DEAD LIGHTS aims at your feet, as well as your heart with their electrifying new single “Receiver”. With their latest track, the international duo seduces their listeners, serving a perfect mix of dance track and popsong to create an irresistible musical experience.

“Receiver” embodies DEAD LIGHTS' signature sound of deep, dark electronic beats, pulsating with a raw and powerful energy. The song is about submission, using the imagery of a lighthouse as a metaphor for the magnetic power of a ‘guiding light’. It’s a seductive, yet somewhat unsettling invitation to blind faith.

As the song's infectious rhythms and melodies wash over you in waves, the boundaries between sound and sensation become blurred. With its massive bass lines and deep voices, "Receiver" aims to create instant impact, yet it also provides deeper layers to explore. So "tune in and believe!" as DEAD LIGHTS takes you on a journey into the heart of their unique style of electronic music.


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