Gather 'round all ye faithful to the industrial music scene, for the CIRCUIT PREACHER has arrived with a divine revelation! "Take Control" is a powerful mix of electronic body music and synthpop, a heavenly blend that will surely ignite your soul.

If you have been moved by the music of GARY NUMAN, FRONT 242, ROTERSAND and COMBICHRIST, then this single is an absolute must-listen for you. The CIRCUIT PREACHER has been blessed with a unique vision, and his music is a testament to their divine inspiration. "Take Control" is a message from above, a call to action to seize the reins of your life and make your own choices while you still have the chance. The lyrics implore us to push away the manipulations of others and take control of our own destiny.

This single is a revelation, a sonic epiphany that will take you on a spiritual electronic journey unlike any other. So come, join the congregation of the CIRCUIT PREACHER and let their music guide you towards a brighter tomorrow. "Take Control" is available now on all major streaming platforms, so don't delay, let the power of their music wash over you today!


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