Switzerland's sensational electropop duo, BLACKBOOK, is back with an anthem that will have you moving and reflecting all at once."Everybody is a Nobody" delves into the paradoxical world we live in, where we strive for attention and recognition while hiding behind our facades.

With pulsating beats and mesmerizing melodies, BLACKBOOK invites you to embrace the contradiction of our existence, capturing the raw essence of our pursuit for validation in a society obsessed with appearance. The synthpop duo explores the struggles we face as individuals in a world dominated by illusions. They weave a tale of navigating the treacherous maze of Babylon, where we move along, afraid of the sunshine, and pretend to be free.

"Everybody is a Nobody" is a powerful reminder that amidst the chaos, we are all just individuals striving for significance in a world that often disregards our true selves. So join the movement and embrace the anthem that resonates with the voiceless. BLACKBOOK's "Everybody is a Nobody" will make you dance, ponder, and ultimately celebrate the beauty of being unique in a world where everybody is a nobody.


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