Don’t be afraid, CIRCUIT PREACHER is here to guide you through the darkness! Step into a world where the year is 2222, and the CIRCUIT PREACHER leads The Last Church of the Final Days, a clandestine doomsday cult in the heart of the American South. By day, he's an ordinary State employee, but behind closed doors, he's building a congregation. In a society governed by strict regulations, where unapproved gatherings are forbidden, the Preacher must navigate the shadows to keep his movement alive.

His new single "Not Your Judas" captures the essence of this underground rebellion. The lyrics delve into the Preacher's internal struggle as he grapples with conflicting emotions. Pushed and pulled by unseen forces, he seeks something tangible to believe in, something to hold onto as the world crumbles around him. "Not Your Judas" is a powerful anthem that echoes through the chaotic landscape of a dystopian future. Join the movement, defy the surveillance state, and discover a musical rebellion like no other.


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