DEAD LIGHTS - Into The Night

A dark electronic bass line flows into a catchy chorus as the brooding vocals erupt into an anthemic celebration of darkness: Follow DEAD LIGHTS into the night!

Daylight is like an all-seeing-eye; we hide ourselves while it watches us. We try to act in a way that helps us conform and blend in with those around us. We function like a real person, but we are not our true selves. To our co-workers, casual acquaintances and passers by, we’re a cardboard cut-out of a human being, only giving half-smiles, small talk and pleasantries, nothing more. But, when the night comes, the world changes and our masks slip. We reveal more of ourselves. We indulge in our often hidden desires. We feel more free. We are released. We become real. ‘Into The Night’ is a celebration of this change, suitably dressed up as another high energy dancefloor banger.


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