Be a part of this groundbreaking journey – because the "Painkiller" will set you free!

Dive into the electrifying world of BLACKBOOK from Switzerland and experience the Nu Wave revolution! Their upcoming single "Painkiller" takes you on a journey through soundscapes where the echoes of the 80s synths seamlessly blend past and future.

The hypnotic sounds of "Painkiller" transport you straight to the atmosphere of the 80s, where synthesizers reign supreme and melodies capture your heart. Feel the rhythm as the lyrics evoke a longing for relief and liberation from pain. This catchy anthem of Synthpop will captivate you with its irresistible beat and memorable hooks. Let yourself be enchanted by BLACKBOOK's unique style as they transport you through space and time. Let the sounds permeate you, and feel the synths whisk you into a state of absolute euphoria.

Are you ready to transcend the pain and let the ecstatic synth waves carry you away?


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