OCTO CRURA - Your Ghost

Step into a realm where music and nature intertwine, as the enchanting Italian double female fronted modern metal sensation, OCTO CRURA, unveils their powerful new single. In "Your Ghost," OCTO CRURA transports you to a universe where circles are drawn with fingers, the sun is a constant muse, and the yearning for a feather on one's skin becomes a powerful mantra.

This single delves deep into the heart of an insect's world, where the Queen of air reigns supreme, and where hard riffs meets powerful beats. Are you ready to become a part of OCTO CRURA's new chapter? OCTO CRURA welcomes you to a realm where legends are reborn, and ghosts come alive through the magic of their music.

OUT NOW as DOWNLOAD & STREAM 👉 https://bfan.link/yourghost

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