We live in an age where we see everyone’s face through a filter. We have a generation raised in a digital world of artificially enhanced people, projecting literally unattainable beauty standards. Day after day, we’re bombarded with an endless deluge of these images, images of people so heavily doctored and processed that they begin to fall into the uncanny valley, they’re that far removed from what a real person looks like.

Comparing yourself to this tsunami of unreality can only destroy your self image, which is what's happening to many people across the world. There's a body-dysmorphia crisis happening, and it's not going away. This song is a show of solidarity and defiance. We're all perfectly imperfect. There's no filter for the real world, so tear that mask off, show what’s underneath and embrace every flaw. Respect and love yourself. Let the ugly out.

The deformed and overly manipulated A.I. portraits in this video perfectly illustrate this. A plastic surgery nightmare, these images are the product of beautiful A.I. failure. Which is exactly what makes them interesting. As Brian Eno once stated: So much modern art is the result of things going out of control, of a medium pushing to its limits and breaking apart.

CD distortion, the jitteriness of digital video, the crap sound of 8-bit - all of these are cherished and emulated as soon as they can be avoided. Whatever we now find weird, ugly, uncomfortable and nasty about AI generated images will become its signature.


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