darkTunes Music Group

This is the most wonderful article about our label darkTunes Music Group, which has ever been written.

ABSYNTH magazine published it today, they asked many of our darkTunes family members to write a few words about the label and Raphaël (the label owner), and this article is a heavy load of positive emotions for us...

🖤 THANK YOU CZARINA, HER OWN WORLD, AGNIS, TOAL, WHITE RITUAL, OMNIMAR, DANCE MY DARLING, DJ [Reaktor-4] for these wonderful words about us, our work, our passion, the label and our friendship. It's the most precious gift of the world for us that you feel good at the darkTunes home we all built together! It is incredibly good for our souls to get recognition for our work, which is mostly done in the shadow.

Also you have no idea how fantastic it is and how proud it makes us to see such a harmony and such a real family feeling between the darkTunes artists 🔥

🙏 Vero & the ABSYNTH crew, we're so thankful for this unexpected highlight in the label history, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making it. We were not prepared to deal with so many emotions today...

For those who want to know more about darkTunes, our philosophy or the priceless and beautiful relationship between the artists and the label, please take a moment to read this article 👉 https://www.absynth.space/articles/darktunes-the-archangel-and-his-legion

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