Welcome to MORTES in the darkTunes Music Group family! Let's celebrate with the release of his first music video "BITE ME" !

MORTES: A neo duke of darkness

In the dimly lit underworld of goth music, where the shadows cast their seductive allure, a true duke of darkness weaves together a haunting symphony that blurs the lines between modern darkwave and post-punk.

Born with a heart that beats to the rhythm of eternity, MORTES' music is a testament to his profound connection to the duality of existence - loving life and honoring death. His melodies, like dark, elusive specters, embody the essence of dirty passion and new romanticism, where each chord leaves a permanent imprint on the soul.

MORTES embodies the spirit of modern gothic dandyism; he is a devotee of mortality and all the beautiful, fleeting moments it brings. His lyrics are as sweet as the scent of a withering rose, each word a melancholic tribute to the fragile beauty of existence. But they are also as bitter as the last drop of blood which reminds that darkness is an inseparable companion on life's journey.

When his music fills the air, it feels as exciting as a cold touch, sending shivers down the spine of all who listen. Your soul is transported to a world where darkness and light dance in a delicate, eternal waltz. For those who seek a refuge in the shadows, a haven where the heart's deepest desires and darkest fears can coexist, MORTES is the guide. Follow the call of his modern alternative music to honor death as a cherished part of life, and to revel in the exquisite agony of existence.

MORTES is more than a musician, he is a maestro of melancholy and a true duke of darkness for the modern age.


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